We understand how easy it is for students to get lost in classes of 25 or more. Research has proven that smaller groups provide the opportunity for students to master skills due to increased attention from the instructor and greater interaction among the learners. 

Small Group Coaching consists of groups of 3-5 students that meet with a highly qualified academic coach. The sessions are held virtually or in-person, twice per week for guidance on their individualized learning plans. We also promote the development of study skills, test-taking strategies, and other 21st century skills. Our coaches build confidence and strengthen reasoning the by modeling a growth mindset and teaching students to try new approaches to learning. Each coaching session will emphasize specific skills that align to the needs of the group.  

Here's how it works...

1. Sign-up for a Free Consultation.

2. Check your email for instructions.

3. Free Consultation (lasts approx. 15 min)

4. Assessment

5. Coaching Agreement