Parents, are you looking for something to help your student beat the summer slide?  When you register for the Summer Success Camp, our research based program will keep your student's math skills sharp throughout the summer so they can hit the ground running when they return to school in the fall.


Research conducted by John's Hopkins University shows that students can lose up to two months of grade level equivalency in math computation skills over the summer. This can have a long-term impact on a student's achievement in the next school year.


Since summer is supposed to be a time for students to have, we've created a virtual camp that allows students to learn by playing games, interacting with peers, and completing short assignments to boost retention and strengthen their math skills. Parents will receive weekly updates of their students' progress.


Here's how it works...

Our engaging program meets weekly in a virtual (online) video course, led by experienced instructors, where students can play math games with other kids, have weekly math meetings, and learn skills that will help them get ahead next school year.  The program wraps up in August with Math Olympics in which students can compete in teams to win the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze.