We Guide Students to Academic Success


Students thrive when given the opportunity to succeed. We believe that every student can reach their potential given enough time, focused practice, and guidance from educators that care. 

We know that many students struggle to master concepts due to the pace that's common in today's classrooms. Academic Success Guide creates a learning environment that fosters growth and proficiency by meeting a student where they are, and partnering with students to create an actionable plan for mastery. We provide the opportunity for students to practice critical skills that prepare them to excel in the classroom and in life. 


Academic Success Guide was created by a seasoned educator that specializes in math, writing, curriculum design, assessment strategy. He has taught K-12 students for 11 years. Each academic coach is highly qualified, and has undergone a thorough background check.

We Partner with Schools and Teachers to Create Authentic Learning Environments

With ever-increasing mandates and standards being implemented, teachers are working overtime to help students gain a meaningful education. We understand the pressure that school leaders and teachers are facing in today's data-driven environment. Aligning curriculum, keeping learners engaged, and monitoring student progress has become a challenge for many K-12 institutions.

Academic Success Guide provides instructional coaches, teaching aides, and administrative assistance to schools that want to become more effective and efficient. We offer professional development workshops, group coaching, and change management assistance. Our highly experienced educators conduct through analyses to identify the root cause of school performance issues, and we develop solutions that meet budget and time constraints.